In this past Sunday's New York Times, there was an article about a mom blogger, Stephanie Nielson, that was in a terrible plane crash with her husband several weeks ago. The tragedy of her accident is immense. She is burned over 80% of her body and her husband is burned over 30% of his body. Her and her husband are still in the hospital as doctors work to use skin from her body to reconstruct the parts of her face that were damaged by the fire. She has five beautiful children, none of whom have seen their parents since the accident.

Her blog is called the Nei Nei Dialogues. Through her blog, she made an incredible connection to women all around the world. Although her readership wasn't huge, her readers were loyal and felt very connected to her. On her blog, she talked about being a mother with love and humor and inspired other mothers to tackle the difficult parts of being a mom with a sense of joy.

When her readers found out about her accident (through her sister's post on Stephanie's blog), they mobilized quickly and with passion. They put together a Nei Nei day where numerous of the moms auctioned off all kinds of things to raise money for Nei Nei (from bags to homemade cookies to writing love letters to the buyer's person of choice). My friend Kate from The Big Piece of Cake, jumped in immediately to help raise money. The support around the blogosphere was amazing and incredibly heartwarming. These mothers came together quickly to create a forum to help someone that almost none of them had ever met or had any "real" connection to and they did this with no expectation of recognition or thanks. As of today, almost $100,000 dollars has been raised for Stephanie and her family.

I read a lot of articles about bloggers that are making money or creating fame for their hosts but what I don't think the media or even the "experts" have really grasped is how positive and powerful this section of the blogosphere is, the mothers on the Internet.

When I started blogging in June, I didn't know if I wanted to be identified as a mom blog but since learning about and being a part of this amazing mom community, I would be honored to be considered as one of them.

They have shown me that people can still be selfless, giving, caring, and completely supportive of others without wanting anything in return. These mothers are an inspiration to me and I hope that I can do the mom blog medium justice in my own small way.